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In the middle of Black History Month 2019, the all-white DUAB voted unanimously to close Roosevelt.

The City of Gary has highest unemployment in the entire State of Indiana as of Aug 15, 2020. This leads to a lowest median household income in the state. In Gary the median household income is 48% lower than the national average. Also the unemployment rate in Gary is 86% higher than the national average.  The poverty level in Gary is 138% higher than the national average.  This is a contemporary social issue that concerns and challenges. We intend to address this problem of unemployment with a viable solution.  Our strategy to combat the aforementioned crippling ills is too. Use what we have to get what we want!  We have the land, the smarts, the history, the rights and the will!  NOW is the time for bold moral courageous forward-thinking leadership.  NOW is the time to act in favor of hydroponic farming!  “Grow Our Gary Gardens”


Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponic Farming on a large scale will begin to reverse some of the devastating trends related to unemployment we see every day on these city streets.  We will train and employ a workforce that consistently produces healthy food to feed our schools, our hospitals and our community.  We can reverse food insecurities. Hydroponic Farming is a game changer and represents a true defining moment in the history of Roosevelt and the City of Gary. 

Plan of Action

Social entrepreneurism The key problem this addresses is not simply the use of space at Roosevelt – but tackles the real problem of unemployment.  In this project we examine the Staggering Unemployment rate and the simultaneous underutilized city resources. We intend to address this problem of unemployment  with a viable solution of Hydroponic Farming in Gary, IN. 

It’s Urban Agriculture that masters the art of gardening without soil. We propose to Grow Our Gary Gardens: through the use of Hydroponics. High quality, locally grown, feeding our community, all the while reducing the risk of airborne illnesses. This solution creates Economic Development and fresh produce for all Gary citizens. – This win-win opportunity is a blending of 21st Century technology along with our Agricultural Traditions. This plan also utilizes Fresh Water – with Lake Michigan as a natural resource.  

A Gary Crusader Investigation

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Do You Want to Volunteer?

We have had an incredible response so far, and are doing everything we can to respond to everyone who wants to volunteer to be a part of the Roosevelt Restoration Project. Sign up now

Are You A Business?

We are uniting our resources around this challenge. We are asking for your support. Tell us ways you believe your business can help us restore our historic intuition.

“The ladder of success today is standing.  It’s leaning against the wall of time.  It’s braced upon the rocks of ages, NOW is the time to climb!

Josephine Hall Taylor

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